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From examining your current eletrical usage and costs to assisting with the correct financing plan, you will receive a custom designed solar energy plan which suits you and your family.

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"We found all of the employees with whom we in contact from the sales representative to the installers to be knowledgeable and professional. All our questions were answered satisfactorily which is why we decided panels installed. We were also impressed with the company’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.” – Pat S. – Boston

"Our first two bills were approximately $300.00 less than before and our third bill, just received was down about $250.00 from what we were paying! We think it is fantastic!" - William R. - Waltham MA

"They did a wonderful job on my system and I would recommend them to my family and friends!" - Georg S. - Chicopee MA

I cannot express my gratitude for going forward with solar panels. From the initial meeting to discuss the possibility to the techs who eventually installed them. But most of all, it is the savings we have experienced. That first month was unbelievable. Solar plus our other electric source combined was less than our usual monthly expense. During the summer when our electric usage is higher because of the air conditioning, our monthly expense was still less than what we have paid with past summer usage. And if that’s not enough…our present electricity is primarily supplied by the solar panels. We have been building up a reserve with our other electricity source and will be able to draw from that all winter when our panels wont’t generate as much electricity. It’s a win-win situation that we’re just thrilled over. Having a fixed rate locked in is another great feature for savings.” – Virgil T. – Westport MA

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  • Fully licensed & insured installers
  • Custom tailored solutions
  • Free in home consultations
  • Easy financing options
  • 20 year warranty
  • Transparent contracts
  • Eco-friendly
  • State and federal incentives
  • Roof repair if damaged during installation
  • Customer service is our top priority

About Solar Energy

Solar power is energy from the sun that is transformed into thermal or electrical energy.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable resource source available, and the United States has some of the richest solar resources worldwide. Modern innovation can harness this energy for a variety of usages, consisting of producing electricity, supplying light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial usage.

Solar Benefits

Solar power makes it possible for homeowner to use the sun to power everyday life: running your air conditioner, cleaning clothing, viewing TV, cooking supper. All while decreasing your carbon footprint, and without burning fossil fuels or putting a pressure on the electrical grid. And while the environmental advantages of solar power are substantial, numerous residents discover that the benefit, distinct functions, and expense savings of owning a solar power system are much more alluring.

Leading Benefits of Solar Energy

#1 Drastically reduce or even remove your electric costs

Whether you're a house owner, organization, or nonprofit, electricity costs can comprise a big portion of your monthly costs. With a photovoltaic panel system, you'll generate complimentary power for your system's whole 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you don't produce One Hundred Percent of the energy you consume, solar will decrease your energy expenses and you'll still conserve a great deal of cash.

#2 Make an excellent return on your financial investment

Photovoltaic panels aren't an expenditure-- they are among the very best ways to invest, with returns rivaling those of more standard financial investments like stocks and bonds. Thanks to considerable electricity bill savings, the average American house owner settles their photovoltaic panel system in 7 to 8 years and sees an ROI of 20 percent or more.

#3 Protect against rising energy expenses

One of the most clear cut advantages of solar panels is the ability to hedge utility prices. In the past 10 years, property electricity rates have gone up by an average of three percent every year. By buying a solar energy system now, you can fix your electrical energy rate and secure versus unforeseeable increases in electricity costs. If you're an organisation or house owner with rising and falling cash flow, going solar also helps you much better forecast and manage your costs.

#4 Boost your home or business worth

Multiple research studies have discovered that homes geared up with solar energy systems have greater residential or commercial property worths and sell quicker than non-solar homes. Appraisers are progressively taking solar installations into consideration as they value houses at the time of a sale, and as homebuyers end up being more informed about solar, demand for residential or commercial properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

#5 Increase U.S. energy self-reliance

The sun is a near-infinite source of energy and an essential part of attaining energy self-reliance in the United States. By increasing our capacity to create electrical power from the sun, we can also insulate our country from price variations in worldwide energy markets.

#6 Create jobs and assist your regional economy

According to The Solar Structure, the solar market added jobs at a rate almost 12 times faster than the total U.S. economy in 2015, representing 1.2 percent of all tasks in the country. This development is expected to continue. Due to the fact that solar-related jobs tend to be higher paying and can not be outsourced, they are a considerable contributor to the United States economy.

#7 Protect the environment

Solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S., and going solar can considerably decrease that number. A typical domestic photovoltaic panel system will eliminate 3 to four lots of carbon emissions each year-- the equivalent of planting over 100 trees yearly.

#8 Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are essential components of a company's culture and worths. They likewise produce bottom line results. Increasingly, customers and communities are recognizing and rewarding organisations that decide to run properly. Businesses are finding that "green" credentials are an effective motorist of consumer purchasing decisions, creating goodwill and enhancing service outcomes.

#9 Start Saving from Day 1

Solar purchase power agreements (PPAs) and solar leasing has actually made it possible for homeowners to go solar for little or no cash down.

Many property owners choose to finance their solar panels with among the "pay-as-you-go" funding alternatives. This means that a third-party company-- the solar company-- owns the planetary system and takes care of installation, upkeep, monitoring and repairs. You simply pay the solar company for electrical energy-- less than you would've paid the utility business.

As of June 2013, 75% of all American homes have access to pay-as-you-go solar.

#10. Solar is a Secure Investment

The energy business are well-known for their changing and unreliable electricity rates. There is plainly an upward pattern.

With solar panels and simple mathematics, we can compute just how much electricity will be generated, and most importantly, at exactly what rate, for a minimum of the next Twenty Years (fixed energy costs).


What are the various payment options?

We have many flexible purchasing agreements for customers who would like to install a new home solar system. There are three different payment options, making them a viable choice for customers of all budgets. The payment options include Lease, PPA, and Purchase.

The Lease

  • Low, fixed payments each month
  • System insurance for 20 years, including maintenance
  • Flexible end-of-term options, including system upgrade, lease extension, and free panel removal

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • We own the solar panel system
  • $0 down for installation
  • Customers only pay for the solar energy that they use


  • Customer pays for the system upfront and owns the system
  • System monitoring and maintenance for 20 years
  • Receive 30% federal tax credit
  • See a return on investment within 7-10 years

What happens when the contract for my lease is finished?

We provide our customers with a few different options for when their lease contract is up. Customers can upgrade their equipment to the newest solar technology available, extend the agreement, or have the panels removed at no cost.

What is the warranty?

The Lease and PPA include a 20-year warranty during the lifetime of the system. This warranty exceeds that of most other solar installers’ warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Convection Solar Cookers…?
I Am Making A Solar Cooker For A Science Project. My Idea Was That I Would Build A Convection Solar Cooker (Basically, Sunlight Reflects Off Mirrors, Hits Bottomless Beer Bottles, Air In Beer Bottles Rises Into A Pvc Tube, Pvc Tube Directs Hot Air At Cooking Surface) But I Can'T Find Any Other Examples Of Convection Solar Cookers Online. Has Anyone Ever Done This? If So, Any Tips?

In 1970, I attempted to make a reflective solar cooker based on a cardboard foundation with an eliptical-shaped surface covered with aluminum foil. The challenge was obtaining a tight focal point for energy concentration to a suspended pot. The project failed. It is very difficult to concentrate energy, not lose heat from the cooking surface, and obtain reflective efficiency. Furthermore, solar radiation varies by an extreme amount based on lattitude and cloud cover.

From my reading of your design, I am concerned about several probable flaws. You are going to need to heat glass bottles to very high temperatures to heat air sufficiently to carry energy to your heating surfaces. You will have great heat loss into plastic tubing. Plastic is going to be super-heated to beyond the melting point to accomplish any cooking.

Instead, I suggest that you make a metal box with a glass cover. Focus light rays through the glass plate to heat air in the box as your oven area. Typical mirror efficiency is only about 70% in reflectivity. Aluminum foil is worse. Insulate the metal box with non-flammable materials to minimize heat loss. Hopefully, you are at a lattitude with the sun high over-head without obstructive cloud cover.

Ineed Help! How Does Cooking With Solar Energy Work?
I Need Help, Fast- I Have To Do A Science Project, And Yes, I Got The Easy-Way-Out. I Am Going To Build A Solar-Powered Hot Dog Cooker. And I Will Make A Solar Box Cooker Since It Is Inexpensive. But I Have To Get Articles On My Topic, Since I Have To Fill Out A 'References' Form. Can You Help Answer My Question? If Not, Anybody Have Links To Sites That Answer My Question Clearly? Question Is: How Does Cooking With Solar Energy Work?

I'd be happy to help as I had to do it for my 6th grade Science Expo.

First off, there are 2 forms of harnessing (collecting) solar energy

The first (and probably the most simplest) is to buy a solar cell which generates photoelectric energy. That electricity can be fed to a ciruit which has an electrical heater/element on the end, which will cook your food.

The second (probably the one your teacher wants you to put in use) is to use a concave mirror to concentrate the light onto a cooking pot. IWhen a ray of light hits the mirror it is reflected at a certain angle which is aligned to the pot. There are many rays hitting the mirror and all being reflected at the correct angle. All this light energy is being concentrated on the pot and converted to heat as the pot is usually coated with black paint (which absorbs light whereas white/silver reflects it). These concave mirror cookers are generally much cheaper than the whole solar cell setup and is more efficient in terms of heat produced.

How Is Energy Stored For Later Use?

That is still one of the major problems we face. Batteries are not very efficient and flywheels are bulky, water in large quantities can only be pumped into higher lying reservoirs in few places.
That's why for space power systems we only use solar panels that grab power from the sun on the fly, or nuclear reactors for flights far from the sun.

Im Clueless On This Question? Help! Best Answer 10 Points?
Make A List Of Things We Can Do As Consumers To Help The Environment Beside Each Item, Explain How It Would Work.≪≪≪ Need Answers!! Helpp

Buy eco-friendly and sustainably minded items.
Purchase food from small farmers who grow organically and raise their animals on natural pasture ,also raw milk.
Buy union made and fair trade clothing.
Use eco-friendly naturally derived soaps and detergents.
Eat a healthier unprocessed diet.
Buy organic and fair trade.
Drive using bio-diesel and electricity as fuel.
Make home more energy efficient and invest in solar energy and wind energy for the home and for townships.
Do not buy from companies that use unethical practices.
Plant tress, especially if you want to use wood heat for heating your home, or a wood stove for cooking.
Recycle grey water.
Recycle everything recyclable. Demand more recycling services from our waste management companies, and store fronts.
Make a composting toilet.
Collect rainwater for usage.
Create edible lawns, (raised beds) or lawns that provide habitat for nature. Not manicured green grass. Unless an animal is manicuring it (i.e. goats, cows)
Compost scrap food and lawn and garden scraps.

If you purchase fair trade, and organic as well as other eco friendly items you are voting with your dollar to help companies and producers who give thought to these kinds of things spread their product to a wider consumer base and bring the price down so low income families and people can purchase them , which should force other companies to either change their practices or go out of business (in a perfect scenario). Most people are going to choose the better option assuming it is affordable. The same applies to transportation and home energy. Buying solar panels helps the prices become lower and more affordable to more people. People producing their own energy could eventually force the energy companies to lower their prices. People buying the right foods can put the unethical companies out of business. Choosing union made and fair trade clothing can stop sweatshops and slave labor in the clothing industry. There is a race to the bottom with big businesses to make items and product as cheap as possible, but the cuts are coming as a result of environmentally destructive, and inhumane practices. Also wages are the same as always but prices on things like gas, real estate and automobiles are sky rocketing. The big businesses (and the government) know this and attempt to make themselves look good by providing you with cheap goods and groceries, but it is the very same people who are making everything else un-affordable. It really doesn't make much of a difference if fruit is on sale for $.99 cents a pound if rent is $900 a month and wages haven't changed since the 1970's.
If you can afford to vote with your dollar than you are encouraging the companies and producers that do the right thing, and helping them spread their business as well as their business model which is what we need to fight against the wrong doings of the govt and big business , and as bad as this sounds the more powerful sustainably minded companies become the more money their lobbyists will have to sway members of congress and the senate to make laws that support their beneficial practices. Just make sure to support the right companies!

How Can I Use Solar Energy?
What Are 3 Ways Solar Energy Can Be Used? I Want To Be More Earth Friendly Thankyou Frankie.Anna.Xo

1. Skylights are very popular in the roofs of homes or buildings. This will reduce the need for lights in the buildings.

2. Solar hot water heaters are very popular. The most efficient is the thermosiphon solar hot water system because it uses not moving parts or electricity.

3. Photovoltaic panels to make electricity only when the sun is out. This is very expensive now but in time the cost may come down.

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