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"We found all of the employees with whom we in contact from the sales representative to the installers to be knowledgeable and professional. All our questions were answered satisfactorily which is why we decided panels installed. We were also impressed with the company’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.” – Pat S. – Boston

"Our first two bills were approximately $300.00 less than before and our third bill, just received was down about $250.00 from what we were paying! We think it is fantastic!" - William R. - Waltham MA

"They did a wonderful job on my system and I would recommend them to my family and friends!" - Georg S. - Chicopee MA

I cannot express my gratitude for going forward with solar panels. From the initial meeting to discuss the possibility to the techs who eventually installed them. But most of all, it is the savings we have experienced. That first month was unbelievable. Solar plus our other electric source combined was less than our usual monthly expense. During the summer when our electric usage is higher because of the air conditioning, our monthly expense was still less than what we have paid with past summer usage. And if that’s not enough…our present electricity is primarily supplied by the solar panels. We have been building up a reserve with our other electricity source and will be able to draw from that all winter when our panels wont’t generate as much electricity. It’s a win-win situation that we’re just thrilled over. Having a fixed rate locked in is another great feature for savings.” – Virgil T. – Westport MA

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  • Custom tailored solutions
  • Free in home consultations
  • Easy financing options
  • 20 year warranty
  • Transparent contracts
  • Eco-friendly
  • State and federal incentives
  • Roof repair if damaged during installation
  • Customer service is our top priority

About Solar Energy

Solar power is energy from the sun that is transformed into thermal or electrical energy.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable resource source available, and the United States has some of the richest solar resources worldwide. Modern innovation can harness this energy for a variety of usages, consisting of producing electricity, supplying light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial usage.

Solar Benefits

Solar power makes it possible for property owner to utilize the sun to power everyday life: running your a/c unit, washing clothing, enjoying TELEVISION, cooking supper. All while minimizing your carbon footprint, and without burning nonrenewable fuel sources or putting a stress on the electrical grid. And while the environmental benefits of solar power are substantial, lots of homeowners find that the convenience, special features, and expense savings of owning a solar power system are a lot more attractive.

Top 10 Advantages of Solar Energy

#1 Drastically decrease or even remove your electrical expenses

Whether you're a property owner, service, or nonprofit, electrical power costs can make up a large portion of your month-to-month expenditures. With a solar panel system, you'll generate complimentary power for your system's whole 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you do not produce One Hundred Percent of the energy you take in, solar will minimize your energy expenses and you'll still save a great deal of cash.

#2 Make a terrific return on your financial investment

Photovoltaic panels aren't a cost-- they are among the very best ways to invest, with returns equaling those of more traditional financial investments like stocks and bonds. Thanks to substantial electrical power bill cost savings, the average American property owner pays off their photovoltaic panel system in seven to eight years and sees an ROI of 20 percent or more.

#3 Protect against increasing energy costs

One of the most clear cut benefits of solar panels is the ability to hedge energy costs. In the past 10 years, residential electrical power prices have increased by an average of three percent yearly. By investing in a solar energy system now, you can fix your electricity rate and secure against unpredictable boosts in electricity expenses. If you're a service or house owner with changing cash circulation, going solar likewise helps you much better projection and manage your costs.

#4 Boost your property value

Several research studies have actually discovered that homes equipped with solar energy systems have greater property values and sell quicker than non-solar houses. Appraisers are significantly taking solar installations into consideration as they value houses at the time of a sale, and as property buyers become more informed about solar, need for homes equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

#5 Boost U.S. energy independence

The sun is a near-infinite source of energy and an essential element of accomplishing energy independence in the United States. By increasing our capability to produce electricity from the sun, we can also insulate our nation from rate variations in global energy markets.

#6 Develop jobs and assist your regional economy

According to The Solar Foundation, the solar market included tasks at a rate almost 12 times faster than the total U.S. economy in 2015, representing 1.2 percent of all tasks in the nation. This growth is expected to continue. Because solar-related jobs tend to be greater paying and can not be contracted out, they are a considerable factor to the U.S. economy.

#7 Safeguard the environment

Solar is a terrific method to minimize your carbon footprint. Buildings are accountable for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S., and going solar can substantially reduce that number. A normal residential photovoltaic panel system will get rid of three to four lots of carbon emissions each year-- the equivalent of planting over 100 trees yearly.

#8 Show your dedication to sustainability

Sustainability and corporate social obligation are very important parts of an organization's culture and worths. They also produce bottom line outcomes. Progressively, consumers and communities are recognizing and rewarding businesses that decide to run responsibly. Businesses are discovering that "green" qualifications are a powerful driver of customer buying decisions, developing goodwill and enhancing business results.

#9 Start Conserving from Day 1

Solar purchase power contracts (PPAs) and solar leasing has actually made it possible for house owners to go solar for little or no loan down.

Numerous house owners decide to fund their photovoltaic panels with one of the "pay-as-you-go" funding options. This suggests that a third-party company-- the solar supplier-- owns the planetary system and looks after setup, upkeep, tracking and repair works. You merely pay the solar provider for electricity-- less than you would've paid the energy company.

As of June 2013, 75% of all American homes have access to pay-as-you-go solar.

#10. Solar is a Secure Investment

The utility companies are well-known for their varying and undependable electrical power prices. There is clearly an upward trend.

With photovoltaic panels and basic mathematics, we can calculate what does it cost? electricity will be produced, and most notably, at what cost, for at least the next 20 years (fixed energy costs).


What are the various payment options?

We have many flexible purchasing agreements for customers who would like to install a new home solar system. There are three different payment options, making them a viable choice for customers of all budgets. The payment options include Lease, PPA, and Purchase.

The Lease

  • Low, fixed payments each month
  • System insurance for 20 years, including maintenance
  • Flexible end-of-term options, including system upgrade, lease extension, and free panel removal

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • We own the solar panel system
  • $0 down for installation
  • Customers only pay for the solar energy that they use


  • Customer pays for the system upfront and owns the system
  • System monitoring and maintenance for 20 years
  • Receive 30% federal tax credit
  • See a return on investment within 7-10 years

What happens when the contract for my lease is finished?

We provide our customers with a few different options for when their lease contract is up. Customers can upgrade their equipment to the newest solar technology available, extend the agreement, or have the panels removed at no cost.

What is the warranty?

The Lease and PPA include a 20-year warranty during the lifetime of the system. This warranty exceeds that of most other solar installers’ warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alternative Energy Vs. Drilling For More Oil?
Is This A True Statement? If The Us Does More Domestic Oil Drilling, The Oil Companies Get Richer. If The Us Develops Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Etc), This Would Create A Whole New Industry And Create More New Jobs.

Very true.

Oil companies and people who make a living on oil future market don't want alternative energy become popular. There is no wind futures and solar futures to trade.

How Does Obama Plan To Fix The Economy?
Do You Know What Obama’S Plan Is???? His Plan Is To Raise Taxes And Destroy The Other Guy. In A Recent Attack Ad....The Obama Camp Claims That John Mccain Still Doesn't Understand The Economy (Which Is A Flat Out Lie. Mccain Would Have Never Lasted 22 Years In The Senate If He Didn't Know A Little Economics 101. Let’S Be Honest Here.) And That Mccain Favors $200 Billion In New Tax Cuts For Corporations, But Almost Nothing For The Middle Class. (Another Lie). The Ad Finishes With….After One President Who Was Out Of Touch; We Just Can't Afford More Of The Same. (Isn't This The Pot That Called The Kettle Black? What A Hypocrite). The Realty Is.....Tax Cuts For Corporations’ Help The Middle Class And Entrepreneurs Because It Will Create New Jobs, Improve Old Jobs, Create New Businesses And Strengthen The Economy. Obama Wants The High Class To Pay 40% Of Their Taxes, Which Is 6% More Than What They're Already Paying Now. Now, That's Ridiculous. All Those People Worked Long & Hard For Their Money, And He Basically Is Forcing Them To Give It All Away To Support Failed Government Programs Thus Creating An Even Bigger Government. We Don't Need More Government, We Need Less. Both Ronald Reagan And Gw Bush Had The Right Idea; Tax Cuts (Across The Board) Always Work. If Anyone Doesn't Think So, They Need To Retake Economics 101. Seriously, How Has Rasing Taxes Ever Created Any New Jobs??? As For Mccain Being The Same As Bush... John Mccain Is John Mccain And Gw Bush Is Gw Bush. They Both Differ On Many Issues & Ideals. If People Are Going To Call Mccain -Mcsame Or Mcbush, Then I'm Going To Call Obama - Carbama (Jimmy Carter & Barack Obama). Fair Is Fair. What Is Good For One Is Good For The Other. I Don't See Any Difference Between Jimmy Carter And Barack Obama. As A Matter Of Fact, I See History Repeating Itself. It's Funny; Carbama Sounds A Lot Like Car Bomber, Doesn't It. Hummmmm. Do You Agree Or Disagree ???

You're right on.

I think people are missing the idea of who is really going to create drastic and helpful change in this country. You call McCain "McSame", but in all actuality, Obama is the one you should be giving this title to. Let me explain.

In addition to proposing tax cuts, McCain is supporting research for alternative energy sources (tidal, nuclear, solar, etc), and also drilling in ANWR. Since we spend $55.1 billion annually on foreign oil (money that goes to the construction of indoor ski resorts in Dubai), we obviously need to be formulating an energy independence plan. McCain proposes this. In addition, he proposes that once we become energy independent, we can lower trade barriers and create successful markets with China and India, two nations economically on the rise, and two countries effectively using the American dollar. This global trade system is called globalization, and if you do not know anything about globalization, I would recommend reading the book, "The World Is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. He is a writer for the New York Times, an Independent, and he supports globalization for the strengthening of the American economy. The reason that lowering trade barriers is such a beneficial opportunity for American citizens is that it creates more jobs with higher wages, and it also lowers insurance rates. Globalization is a new endeavor, and offers the drastic change that the American economy needs. And the best part...McCain has drawn out a clear plan for how we should implement it.

Obama, like you said, proposes to drastically improve the economy by raising taxes, and creating labor unions and bureaucracies. Socialism. An old system. And according to Marx, a transitional system before the takeover of communism. Labor unions may give health benefits, but they also allow you to keep very little of the fruits of your labor, because government must claim most of it. Likewise, the more money you spend on taxes, the more money you give to the government, and the less power you have as an American citizen to choose your own destiny and pursue individual opportunity. Socialism will cause personal initiative to be quelled, especially with regards to doctors, who, if Obama socialized medicine (and he says that he will), would lose the initiative to become doctors on account of decreased wages, which would in turn cause our medical system to lose prestige. There is a reason why people travel to America to have operations done, and we don't want to lose that reason.

In regards to improving the economy by searching for alternative energy sources, or by drilling to alleviate our unnecessary spending on foreign oil, Obama has no plan at all. Oh wait...except for filling tires to the correct PSI and possibly tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (not sure about that one though...bc his opinion on it was different two weeks ago). Idealism at best. So he essentially does not support the United States becoming energy independent, and he intends to keep spending $55.1 billion on foreign oil. Change, America! Change! Bullsh*t, Obama! Bullsh*t!

On top of this, he has said he will not lower trade barriers, but will in fact enforce protectionism, which would hinder the involvement of the United States in foreign markets that would create new jobs with high wages that would also lower insurance costs. Obama claims that the negative aspect of globalization is the exploitation of labor unions in offshoring factories or on plantations. First of all, he's a hypocrite if he's against offshoring labor unions and simultaneously in support of unions on American soil. Secondly, if we support just the domestic job market and refuse to involve ourselves in the global market, how can, say, exploited coffee farmers in Ethiopia, actually benefit? We Americans hold onto our textile and simple industrial jobs for dear life, when instead they could be exported across the border, resulting in a net gain for everyone (people there at least have a paying job, which are hard to come by, and people here get a cheaper product). Protectionism actually hurts your Ethiopian workers more than globalization will. When Ethiopian coffee is protected in price we run into problems much like Soviet Russia and Communist China ran into in the 60s. Farmers were guaranteed high food prices if they met a certain quota of food to produce for the government. If they did not produce the required amount of food, they simply did not eat. They starved. The genocide in Ukraine under Stalin caused the death over over 20 million Russians. All because of this idealistic notion of protectionism. And of course...communism was at the root of it all.

So essentially...Obama will not participate in the global market, will support the dangerous idea of protectionism, and in turn will take away our individual initiative and opportunity. Good job. Good plan.

Lol I'm sorry but I think Obama's a flaming communist idiot with an Anti-America chip on his shoulder that will essentially run this country into the ground and leave us scratching our heads.

McCain 2008 all the way...for DRASTIC economic change...and a realistic plan for how to achieve it.

How Might A Nanoeconomy Work?
When Energy Is Plentiful, Designs Are Digital, And Raw Materials Are Literally Dirt Cheap. Not To Mention The De-Globalization That Would Insue, And The Rapid Bootstrapping Of The 3Rd World Industry To The 1St. Also Considering - Open Source, Virtual Reality, Automation/A.I Engineers/A.I Scientists, Talent Availability Etc.

To answer your question, without simply directing you to links, it will be a more creativity based economy. Since the costs of living goods will be next to nothing, a good standard of living will happen by default. Everyone will live in better standards than anyone can achieve today, since those standards will be largely provided in virtual environments, to which everyone will have access, at nearly no cost. Food, housing, energy, will be almost free. Just to take energy, as a for instance, if you can build materials for, say, solar panels at almost no cost, and sunlight is free, the energy becomes essentially free.

So from this platform, instead of working for "a living," people will work to improve themselves, achieve resources for challenges we can't yet imagine, and for entertainment. One of the main types of employment would be designing virtual environments. Another type of employment would be making "things" in the material world...but since the manufacturing process will be almost entirely nano-robotic, the design process will be by software coding, same as designing virtual environments. So the distinction between virtual and physical will blurr.

It will be an economy of ideas, information.

Of course, there will still be a stratification of command of resources. But there will be universal access to intelligence enhancement, which will effectively eliminate exploitation. Enhanced and always improving intelligence and capability will generate a cooperative economy, since sufficient intelligence will recognize the continuity between self and other, throughout eco-systems, and also between biology, technology and spirit.

Plz Answer Solar Or Hydro Energy?
Plz Answer Solar Or Hydro Energy? Pick Any One You Prefer And Answer The Advantages And Disadvantages Plz Plz

i would prefer hydro cause you would always have a reliable source of energy that wont cause contraversies between neighbors and other people, but the downside is that you would have to live next to a river or something. versus solar where during the day it powers whatever and stores into a battery and uses the battery at night and if you watch the news then you will notice the contraversie between solar powerd homeowners and neighbors with trees, and the law states that if you have a tree and it obstructs a solar panel it must be cut down, and it doesnt matter wich one was there first. so its about even on the pros and cons. so maybe you should include wind in there and see what kinda answers you get. good luck

Can We Produce Energy Without Sun?
For Example: Produce Energy By Water, Wind, Tidal Waves Etc......

No. All of the energy we use on earth comes or originally came from the sun. This includes energy from plants, which live by photosynthesis, all renewable energy such as solar and wind energy come from the sun. Even fossil fuels would have originally come from the sun because the animals and trees that died to produce coal and oil would have had to of used the suns energy, as the trees would have needed sunlight to grow and the animals would have needed the plants or other animals that ate plants to live.

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