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"We found all of the employees with whom we in contact from the sales representative to the installers to be knowledgeable and professional. All our questions were answered satisfactorily which is why we decided panels installed. We were also impressed with the company’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.” – Pat S. – Boston

"Our first two bills were approximately $300.00 less than before and our third bill, just received was down about $250.00 from what we were paying! We think it is fantastic!" - William R. - Waltham MA

"They did a wonderful job on my system and I would recommend them to my family and friends!" - Georg S. - Chicopee MA

I cannot express my gratitude for going forward with solar panels. From the initial meeting to discuss the possibility to the techs who eventually installed them. But most of all, it is the savings we have experienced. That first month was unbelievable. Solar plus our other electric source combined was less than our usual monthly expense. During the summer when our electric usage is higher because of the air conditioning, our monthly expense was still less than what we have paid with past summer usage. And if that’s not enough…our present electricity is primarily supplied by the solar panels. We have been building up a reserve with our other electricity source and will be able to draw from that all winter when our panels wont’t generate as much electricity. It’s a win-win situation that we’re just thrilled over. Having a fixed rate locked in is another great feature for savings.” – Virgil T. – Westport MA

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  • Custom tailored solutions
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  • 20 year warranty
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  • Eco-friendly
  • State and federal incentives
  • Roof repair if damaged during installation
  • Customer service is our top priority

About Solar Energy

Solar power is energy from the sun that is transformed into thermal or electrical energy.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable resource source available, and the United States has some of the richest solar resources worldwide. Modern innovation can harness this energy for a variety of usages, consisting of producing electricity, supplying light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial usage.

Solar Benefits

Solar power makes it possible for property owner to utilize the sun to power daily life: running your a/c, cleaning clothing, seeing TV, cooking dinner. All while lowering your carbon footprint, and without burning fossil fuels or putting a strain on the electrical grid. And while the ecological benefits of solar power are significant, many home owners discover that the benefit, special features, and expense savings of owning a solar power system are a lot more enticing.

Top Ten Benefits of Solar Energy

#1 Significantly reduce or perhaps remove your electrical bills

Whether you're a homeowner, company, or nonprofit, electrical power expenses can comprise a big portion of your month-to-month expenditures. With a solar panel system, you'll create totally free power for your system's entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you do not produce One Hundred Percent of the energy you take in, solar will minimize your energy bills and you'll still save a lot of money.

#2 Make an excellent return on your financial investment

Photovoltaic panels aren't a cost-- they're one of the best ways to invest, with returns matching those of more standard financial investments like stocks and bonds. Thanks to substantial electricity costs cost savings, the typical American homeowner pays off their solar panel system in seven to eight years and sees an ROI of 20 percent or more.

#3 Protect against increasing energy costs

One of the most clear cut advantages of photovoltaic panels is the capability to hedge energy prices. In the previous 10 years, property electrical energy rates have gone up by approximately 3 percent every year. By investing in a solar energy system now, you can repair your electrical energy rate and protect against unpredictable increases in electrical power costs. If you're a company or house owner with fluctuating cash circulation, going solar also assists you better projection and manage your costs.

#4 Increase your home worth

Several studies have discovered that homes equipped with solar energy systems have greater residential or commercial property worths and offer faster than non-solar houses. Appraisers are significantly taking solar installations into consideration as they value houses at the time of a sale, and as property buyers end up being more educated about solar, need for residential or commercial properties geared up with photovoltaic panel systems will continue to grow.

#5 Increase U.S. energy independence

The sun is a near-infinite source of energy and a key element of attaining energy self-reliance in the United States. By increasing our capacity to produce electrical power from the sun, we can likewise insulate our nation from price fluctuations in global energy markets.

#6 Develop jobs and help your regional economy

Inning accordance with The Solar Foundation, the solar industry included tasks at a rate nearly 12 times faster than the general U.S. economy in 2015, representing 1.2 percent of all jobs in the nation. This development is anticipated to continue. Due to the fact that solar-related jobs have the tendency to be higher paying and can not be outsourced, they are a significant contributor to the U.S. economy.

#7 Protect the environment

Solar is a fantastic method to reduce your carbon footprint. Structures are responsible for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the United States, and going solar can significantly decrease that number. A normal property photovoltaic panel system will eliminate three to four lots of carbon emissions each year-- the equivalent of planting over 100 trees each year.

#8 Demonstrate your dedication to sustainability

Sustainability and business social responsibility are essential components of an organization's culture and worths. They also produce bottom line outcomes. Increasingly, customers and neighborhoods are acknowledging and rewarding services that choose to operate properly. Companies are finding that "green" credentials are a powerful motorist of customer acquiring choices, developing goodwill and enhancing company results.

#9 Start Conserving from Day 1

Solar purchase power agreements (PPAs) and solar leasing has actually made it possible for house owners to go solar for little or no money down.

Lots of property owners opt to fund their solar panels with one of the "pay-as-you-go" funding options. This suggests that a third-party company-- the solar service provider-- owns the solar system and takes care of setup, upkeep, tracking and repairs. You simply pay the solar service provider for electricity-- less than you would've paid the energy business.

As of June 2013, 75% of all American houses have access to pay-as-you-go solar.

#10. Solar is a Secure Financial investment

The energy companies are well-known for their changing and unreliable electricity costs. There is clearly an upward trend.

With photovoltaic panels and basic math, we can compute just how much electrical energy will be produced, and most notably, at exactly what price, for a minimum of the next Twenty Years (repaired energy expenses).


What are the various payment options?

We have many flexible purchasing agreements for customers who would like to install a new home solar system. There are three different payment options, making them a viable choice for customers of all budgets. The payment options include Lease, PPA, and Purchase.

The Lease

  • Low, fixed payments each month
  • System insurance for 20 years, including maintenance
  • Flexible end-of-term options, including system upgrade, lease extension, and free panel removal

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • We own the solar panel system
  • $0 down for installation
  • Customers only pay for the solar energy that they use


  • Customer pays for the system upfront and owns the system
  • System monitoring and maintenance for 20 years
  • Receive 30% federal tax credit
  • See a return on investment within 7-10 years

What happens when the contract for my lease is finished?

We provide our customers with a few different options for when their lease contract is up. Customers can upgrade their equipment to the newest solar technology available, extend the agreement, or have the panels removed at no cost.

What is the warranty?

The Lease and PPA include a 20-year warranty during the lifetime of the system. This warranty exceeds that of most other solar installers’ warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Aren'T Electromagnets Used For Vehicular Travel? Versus Oil/Gas?
Have You Ever Tried To Put A North End Of A Magnet To A North End Of A Similar Sized Magnet?...They Repel...And It Is Very Hard To Make Them Touch...Especially Larger Magnets. So Why Not Have Magnets On The Underside Of A Vehicle, And On The Road Surfaces? If Electricity Is Needed, Solar Panels And Small Amounts Of Energy Can Be Used To Keep The Charge On The Roads Magnetic Surfaces...???

A good idea and a good question. Costs are usually the stopping block for many ideas.
To have a car hover would be really expensive to add magnets or ferrite material in the road.
Trains use magnetic levitation to reduce friction around the world but are riding on steel tracks.
And yes, solar can easily be used to power them.
Perhaps your generation will see all these things come to pass, unless the major corporations get a stranglehold on them and prevent them from coming to market.
Europe and the rest of the world is more progressive about Technology, whereas the US is more money and market control oriented. You would think that it was the opposite in our 'free?' market.

What Candidate Should I Choose?
First Thing First, I Don't Care What Your Views Are, Or Who You Want To Vote For, Or Who You Wish I Would Vote For. My Views Are As They Are, So Trying To Change Them Is Futile. Just Answer My Question Below. Based On The Issues I Stand For Below, Who Should I Vote For? Gay Marriage - Don't Care Either Way. Leaning More Towards Pro-Gay Marriage. It's Not An Issue I Strongly Care About. Abortion - Pro-Choice. Fairly Important To Me. Stem Cell - Pro Stem Cell. Doesn't Necessarily Have To Come From Babies, Mind You, There Are More "Ethical" Ways To Harvest Stem Cells. Taxes On The Rich - More Against. Everyone Should Pay Taxes, Without Any Class Having Significantly More Than Another. Universal Health Care- It's A Nice Idea, But I Don't Believe America Can Do It Right, So I'm Going To Learn Towards Against. Education - Revoke No Child Left Behind And Make The Education System Work More Like Germanys. Illegal Immigration - Strongly Against. Global Warming - I Don't Beleive We Are Causing It, But I Do Think We Should Take Care Of The Environment, But Not In The Radical Hippie Way. I Don't Want To Totally Stifle Society Because An Owl Might Have To Share A Tree With Another Owl. As Far As Gun Control Goes, I Think Guns Should Remain Legal But Make It Harder To Get One. I Support Our Troops, And Have Supported The War But Now I Believe It Is Another Lost Cause And We Need To Get Out. As Far As Russia, I Don't Really Care What They Did To Georgia. It's Not Like America Hasn't Tried To Force It's Views On The World. I Do Not Believe In Affirmative Action. I Am Againt Having The Governments Power Spread Out, Ie I Am Not Fond Of Congress. I Think Power Should Be More Centralized, But Not To The Extent Where The Leader Could Pull Something Off Like Adolf Hitler Or Joseph Stalin. So, On An Issue By Issue Basis, Who Do You Think Represents My Views The Most? I Don't Want You To Say An Answer Based On My Views To One Issue. I'd Like To Know Why The Candidate You Say Would Represent My Views The Best.


I've never found a candidate that I agree with on everything and McCain is no exception to that. The #1 thing for me when I look at a candidate is - Will they be commited to act in the best interest of the USA? One other important and related concern to me at this time is the peak oil crisis. I've had some people dismiss this peak oil crisis as some conspiracy theory, but it is not. Oil production is advancing towards terminal decline, this is the time that the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached and what is know as peak oil happens.
Much the low hanging fruit is gone. Extraction is more expensive and takes longer. We reach (or have reached a point) where we are producing more oil than ever, then we will slide quickly down the other side of the bell curve. This works in combination with many other factors. It is serious, every U.S. geological survey and independant study confirms this, even the most conservative estimates show that time is running out (when T. Boone Pickens says so, you know it is bad).

McCain has a superior energy policy. We need to leave every avenue open to secure our energy supply while at the same time developing alternative energy and changing our multi-trillion dollar infastructure. McCain's energy policy has the gimmicky gas holiday (which won't do anything), but overall I feel that he is leaving all options open so I will support him.

McCain will - Expand domestic oil exploration, work to lift restrictions on drilling. It is estimated that the Outer Continental Shelf alone contains 77 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas.

McCain has the clean car challenge (you can read more about on his webpage) and the incentive to improve battery technology for full commercial development of plug-in hybrid and fully electric automobiles.

McCain makes the VERY important disctinction between ineffective forms of ethanol E85/corn and the more promising cellulosic ethanol, which won't compete with food crops.

McCain supports clean coal technology.

McCain plans to build 45 new nuclear power plants by 2030 with the ultimate goal of eventually constructing 100 new plants. Nuclear energywill provide 700,000 new jobs.

McCain also beieves in even handed tax credits for alternative, low carbon energy - wind, solar, hydro ...


McCain wants Roe vs Wade returned to the states.

"Overturning Roe v. Wade

John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.

Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states. The difficult issue of abortion should not be decided by judicial fiat."

There is no "constitutional ammendment so you cant have an abortion" in McCain's plan as people like some people on here like to claim. At the Saddleback forum he only said that he hoped states would make the right choice. This would not ban abortion, it would just make it a state's rights issue.

At the saddleback forum, McCain said he leaned towards stem cell development and discussed some more promising options.


"John McCain's top immigration priority is to finish securing our borders in an expedited manner. Governors of border states will be required to certify that the border is secure. Steps to border security include:

-Setting clear guidelines and objectives for securing the border through physical and virtual barriers.

-Ensuring that adequate funding is provided for resources on the ground, but also training facilities, support staff and the deployment of technologies.

-Dedicating funding to US Attorney’s offices in border states.

-Implementing sound policies for contracting Department of Homeland Security software and infrastructure.

-Deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other aircraft where needed and appropriate in the border region.

-Continue implementation of the US-VISIT comprehensive visitor security program."


"As president, John McCain would nominate judges who understand that the role of the Court is not to subvert the rights of the people by legislating from the bench. Critical to Constitutional balance is ensuring that, where state and local governments do act to preserve the traditional family, the Courts must not overstep their authority and thwart the Constitutional right of the people to decide this question."


"John McCain will keep the top tax rate at 35 percent, maintain the 15 percent rates on dividends and capital gains, and phase-out the Alternative Minimum Tax."

John Mccain wants to BAN Internet taxes and new cell phone taxes. To me this is a HUGE deal.
(I'll try to cover as many as I can)

Can You Make Money From Solar Energy Panels?

Generally yes. You will have to get the utility company to install a different elec meter. Any power that your solar system creates that you don't use gets fed into the city's power grid. They have to pay you, (or give you credit) for that power.

Installing a solar system is very expensive. It takes a long time to pay for itself, let alone "make" you money. I still like them though because its the only way to get power without robbing it from the earth, and I love the earth. Sustainability is very important to me. Furthermore, as humans continue to kill this planet, and blindly consume its resourses, cost of conventional energy sources will rise. This is when you'll have the last laugh.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Hydrogen Energy?

It takes as least as much energy just to liberate the hydrogen gas by the decomposition of water molecules, so their is certainly no net gain in efficiency there.

So I suppose you could use up all the solar, hydro-electric, or geothermal power just for the electrolysis of sea water tot produce hydrogen gas for use as an extremely clean burning motor fuel, but what is the point really. Internal combustion engines do not have very good thermal efficiency to begin with.

Even engines burning fossil fuels have to be cooled with water to keep from destroying themselves, but also, if the heat were not controlled, dangerous nitrogen compounds (NOx) could form due to the nitrogen gas in our atmospheric air. Hydrogen burns even hotter. Even though hydrogen burns clean,the engine still has to be cooled.

Even though hydrogen is clean burning, internal combustion will never achieve perfect efficiency.There will still be lots of heat just exiting the tail pipe, not doing any work at all. So say, you might get about a 26% thermal efficiency, that would mean that almost 75% of the hydrogen fuel that used up all that solar, hydro-electric, and geothermal energy is completely wasted.

Lastly there is the problem with storage. It has to be stored in an insulated tank as a liquid that has to vent the excess pressure that builds up as the liquid hydrogen evaporates into gas. Insulated because it's ambient heat that causes the evaporation, and evaporation removes heat, so the liquid remains cold. The insulation helps to slow the evaporation, but certainly cannot stop it. So if you filled your hydrogen fueled car on one day, and drove here and there just a little, it's still venting hydrogen even when you are not driving it.

Nothing gained, not to mention the danger of hydrogen explosions.

Oil Prices Vs. Alternative Energy?
This Morning Around 11 Am Crude Oil Hit $59.30 Per Barrel On The Nymex Futures Exchange. I Am For Lower Oil And Gas Prices, But Is This A Result Of The Economy Or Are The Oil Producers Trying To Stop The Alternative Energy Movement That Has Kicked Into High Gear? Remember They Did This In The Mid 1980 When Solar Energy Showed A Real Promise.

Back in 1961 when JFK pledged to put a man on the moon and bring him back safely by the end of the decade, most folks though him to be raving mad. In that day, people simply didn't say such things out loud especially given the relative innocuence of the statement. BUT, as history tells us, the idea took root and 8 short years later, we did the impossible. I was 16 years old at the time and you cannot IMAGINE the pride that I felt in America at that moment, especially given the general tide in the country at that time with the Vietnam war raging on and civil rights just starting to take real hold. Hell, I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Throughout her history America has proven time and again that she can achieve ANYTHING that she wants to if the people are sufficiently motivated to do so. The impossible quickly becomes not only thinkable, but even passe. We look back today at the grainy video clips of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon and listen to the scratchy audio and hardly take note of it at all.

If America takes the Energy Independence Football and runs with it, in 10 years we can EASILY do what the naysayers claim is impossible today. Some changes could be implemented quickly at a small relative cost, such as significant conversions to Hybrid technologies. Others can also be implemented quickly and at moderate cost such as converting transportation from gasoline to CNG or LNG. We have the largest reserves of natural gas on the planet by far -- enough to cover present and future needs 100% for at least 200 years. Add coal gasification and we can probably soldier on without foreign energy for a millennium or more. And that is with NO technological breakthroughs required -- ALL of the technology exists TODAY.

Moving past fossil fuels may take a bit more time and some breakthroughs in technology but we're on the cusp of them right now. Research into carbon technology holds promise of increasing the power storage capacity of batteries ten-fold or more, with a hundred-fold theoretically possible. And guess where we can get the carbon from? Yep, extracting it from CO2 recovered from fuel burning power plants! Imagine a fuel source for the transportation industry that can power our cars for the equivalent of 50¢ a gallon at 100 MPG, reduce greenhouse gasses, and be recharged in less than 20 minutes. That might be 20 to 30 years in the future at today's research pace but if we hunker down and throw all of our intellectual might at it full force, we can probably cut that to 10 years or less.

We CAN cut the ties that bind us to foreign oil IF we want to badly enough and are willing to make some modest sacrifices today with that as the ultimate goal. Then those yah-hoos in the Middle East who would own us or worse can focus on how to turn their oil into food as they'll need it without our petro-dollars to fuel their economies.

How badly do YOU want to make a REAL difference for the greater good? That's the ONLY thing that stands in our way!

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