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From examining your current eletrical usage and costs to assisting with the correct financing plan, you will receive a custom designed solar energy plan which suits you and your family.

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"We found all of the employees with whom we in contact from the sales representative to the installers to be knowledgeable and professional. All our questions were answered satisfactorily which is why we decided panels installed. We were also impressed with the company’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.” – Pat S. – Boston

"Our first two bills were approximately $300.00 less than before and our third bill, just received was down about $250.00 from what we were paying! We think it is fantastic!" - William R. - Waltham MA

"They did a wonderful job on my system and I would recommend them to my family and friends!" - Georg S. - Chicopee MA

I cannot express my gratitude for going forward with solar panels. From the initial meeting to discuss the possibility to the techs who eventually installed them. But most of all, it is the savings we have experienced. That first month was unbelievable. Solar plus our other electric source combined was less than our usual monthly expense. During the summer when our electric usage is higher because of the air conditioning, our monthly expense was still less than what we have paid with past summer usage. And if that’s not enough…our present electricity is primarily supplied by the solar panels. We have been building up a reserve with our other electricity source and will be able to draw from that all winter when our panels wont’t generate as much electricity. It’s a win-win situation that we’re just thrilled over. Having a fixed rate locked in is another great feature for savings.” – Virgil T. – Westport MA

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  • Fully licensed & insured installers
  • Custom tailored solutions
  • Free in home consultations
  • Easy financing options
  • 20 year warranty
  • Transparent contracts
  • Eco-friendly
  • State and federal incentives
  • Roof repair if damaged during installation
  • Customer service is our top priority

About Solar Energy

Solar power is energy from the sun that is transformed into thermal or electrical energy.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable resource source available, and the United States has some of the richest solar resources worldwide. Modern innovation can harness this energy for a variety of usages, consisting of producing electricity, supplying light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial usage.

Solar Benefits

Solar power makes it possible for property owner to utilize the sun to power everyday life: running your air conditioning unit, cleaning clothing, viewing TV, cooking supper. All while lowering your carbon footprint, and without burning fossil fuels or putting a strain on the electrical grid. And while the ecological advantages of solar power are significant, lots of property owners discover that the benefit, distinct functions, and cost savings of owning a solar power system are even more attractive.

Top 10 Benefits of Solar Energy

#1 Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric costs

Whether you're a house owner, company, or not-for-profit, electrical energy expenses can comprise a big portion of your regular monthly costs. With a photovoltaic panel system, you'll produce free power for your system's entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you do not produce 100 percent of the energy you take in, solar will reduce your utility expenses and you'll still conserve a great deal of loan.

#2 Earn an excellent return on your financial investment

Photovoltaic panels aren't a cost-- they are among the very best ways to invest, with returns matching those of more standard investments like stocks and bonds. Thanks to significant electricity bill cost savings, the average American homeowner settles their photovoltaic panel system in 7 to eight years and sees an ROI of 20 percent or more.

#3 Protect against rising energy costs

Among the most clear cut benefits of solar panels is the capability to hedge energy costs. In the previous 10 years, residential electricity prices have increased by approximately 3 percent annually. By investing in a solar energy system now, you can repair your electrical power rate and safeguard against unforeseeable boosts in electrical power expenses. If you're a company or homeowner with ever-changing money circulation, going solar also helps you better projection and handle your costs.

#4 Boost your home or business worth

Multiple studies have found that homes geared up with solar energy systems have greater property values and sell quicker than non-solar homes. Appraisers are progressively taking solar installations into factor to consider as they value homes at the time of a sale, and as property buyers end up being more informed about solar, demand for homes geared up with photovoltaic panel systems will continue to grow.

#5 Boost U.S. energy independence

The sun is a near-infinite source of energy and an essential part of accomplishing energy self-reliance in the United States. By increasing our capability to create electrical energy from the sun, we can likewise insulate our country from price variations in international energy markets.

#6 Develop jobs and assist your local economy

Inning accordance with The Solar Structure, the solar market added tasks at a rate nearly 12 times faster than the total U.S. economy in 2015, representing 1.2 percent of all jobs in the country. This development is expected to continue. Because solar-related tasks have the tendency to be greater paying and can not be contracted out, they are a considerable factor to the United States economy.

#7 Safeguard the environment

Solar is a terrific method to lower your carbon footprint. Structures are accountable for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S., and going solar can significantly decrease that number. A typical domestic photovoltaic panel system will get rid of three to 4 loads of carbon emissions each year-- the equivalent of planting over 100 trees yearly.

#8 Show your dedication to sustainability

Sustainability and business social duty are essential parts of a company's culture and values. They likewise produce bottom line outcomes. Increasingly, customers and communities are acknowledging and rewarding businesses that pick to run responsibly. Businesses are finding that "green" credentials are a powerful motorist of consumer purchasing choices, developing goodwill and enhancing organisation results.

#9 Start Saving from Day 1

Solar purchase power arrangements (PPAs) and solar leasing has actually made it possible for house owners to go solar for little or no money down.

Numerous house owners select to fund their solar panels with one of the "pay-as-you-go" financing choices. This means that a third-party business-- the solar provider-- owns the solar system and looks after installation, upkeep, tracking and repairs. You simply pay the solar supplier for electrical power-- less than you would've paid the utility business.

Since June 2013, 75% of all American homes have access to pay-as-you-go solar.

#10. Solar is a Secure Investment

The energy companies are infamous for their changing and undependable electrical energy costs. There is clearly an upward pattern.

With photovoltaic panels and easy math, we can calculate what does it cost? electricity will be created, and most importantly, at exactly what cost, for a minimum of the next 20 years (repaired energy expenses).


What are the various payment options?

We have many flexible purchasing agreements for customers who would like to install a new home solar system. There are three different payment options, making them a viable choice for customers of all budgets. The payment options include Lease, PPA, and Purchase.

The Lease

  • Low, fixed payments each month
  • System insurance for 20 years, including maintenance
  • Flexible end-of-term options, including system upgrade, lease extension, and free panel removal

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • We own the solar panel system
  • $0 down for installation
  • Customers only pay for the solar energy that they use


  • Customer pays for the system upfront and owns the system
  • System monitoring and maintenance for 20 years
  • Receive 30% federal tax credit
  • See a return on investment within 7-10 years

What happens when the contract for my lease is finished?

We provide our customers with a few different options for when their lease contract is up. Customers can upgrade their equipment to the newest solar technology available, extend the agreement, or have the panels removed at no cost.

What is the warranty?

The Lease and PPA include a 20-year warranty during the lifetime of the system. This warranty exceeds that of most other solar installers’ warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What'S The Best Way To Repair Shattered Glass On A 24V 100W Solar Panel With Micro Inverter?
I'Ve Been Offered This Damaged Panel But I'Ve Never Used 24V Before And I'Ve Never Encountered A Micro Inverter Either. Should I Try To Remove And Replace The Glass Or Just Laminate It To Prevent Further Damage?

If the glass can be removed carefully without scratching the cells, by all means reglaze it.

If you simply laminate the shattered glass, 1) you lose light energy due tot he reflections from the cracks, and 2) you lose energy by physical damage to the cells as thermal expansion and contraction take place

If you cannot reglaze it to exact fit, make a larger frame and glaze that to contain the panel.

If the glass cannot be removed easily, then just laminate it and live with it, but you should be able to remove the old glass once the aluminum framing is removed carefully. The eurethane sealant will likely soften with modest application of heat.
You should be able to remove the outer banding of aluminum, and it may be selaed tot he glass with eurathane. You can carefully slice through that with a razor blade. Auto parts supply stores can order a long reach utility knife used by windshield replacement mechanics to reach behind the glass to slice it free from the main frame. If at all possible, work with the panel in a way gravity is pulling the glass away from the panel. Build a sturdy frame to hold it if nothing else is available. Try work with the panel overhead if possible. so the glass drops down away from you and the panel.

If I Installed 20, 100 Watt Solar Panels And 20 12V Batteries For Power Storage?
How Much Of My Power Needs Would This Generate? This System Would Be Not Be Tied To The Grid Unless There'S A Benefit. We Use About 600Kw Monthly And Receive 5.5 Hours Of Sun Light Daily. Thank You For Any Help. Chris

Location, weather, shading, and de-rating would be factors, but a rough estimate would be about 230 kWh per month, or just over 35% of your usage. There are benefits to being tied to the grid, but it really depends on what your motivations are for doing solar. Contact me at the E-mail below if you would like a detailed list of pros and cons.

Be advised you will also need racking, a charge controller, a combiner box, an inverter, fuses, disconnects, switchgear, and properly-sized wiring. Please do not try to do this project alone unless you are comfortable and familiar with these items.

Solar Panel Help Please?
I'M Very Interested In How Solar Panels Work. I Understand The Bigger Picture Of How It Can Be Used For Solar Heating Or As A Generator, But I'M Lost At The Smaller Details. Things Like: - Could My Computer Work On Solar? It Has A 900 Watt Power Supply (This Is Excluding Monitor/Speakers) - If A Panel Is For Example, A 60 Watt Panel, Does This Mean It Will Pump 60 Watts A Second Into A Battery? - Does Solar Heating Make The Water Electrified?

Solar heat panels differ from photo voltaics. Solar heat panels simply transfer the heat of the sun to the medium you are trying to heat, be it water/water and antifreeze or air. The only electrical aspect this type of collection is the pump or fan to circulate the mefia to be heated through the collectror. Many simple plans are on the web, and you can find plans for those at and Essentially think of these in terms of a green house or your car in the hot summer sun with the windows rolled up as a similar principle

Photovoltaics convert the energy of the light photons they collect into electrical energy. Sizing a system takes several things into consideration. A panel is sized by peak power output, which is the peak current multiplied by the nominal voltage. Knowing when your peak loads occur and your total power usage as well as when the items are in use will aid in sizing the system correctly. If you are using the computer during the day, You would want to size the system large enough to handle the applied load plus some additional to charge the batteries. You would also want to size your battery bank to provide adequate power for times when unexpected loads exceed the panels during the day, but also to allow you to use things at night, and also to compensate for cloudy days. Some power companies have programs to install a panel at your residence at cost plus installation that will allow you send excess power through the powerline when you are not needing to supply your own needs. The ball park for one panel is usually around 35,000 for a 1.5Kilowatt panel.

If you are able to switch to laptop, your energy demand drops considerably. Installers in your area can give you an estimate that is pretty close to what the final cost will be providing for roof mounted installations that the roof is adequate to support the weight of the system and windloading. There are some links aat the Buid it solar site listed above that can help you plan out a system. If you are wanting to go off grid, you will need to change your energy use habits some. Switching some appliances over to low voltage will help reduce the system losses inverters introduce into such systems.

If you are up to some construction or want to know how certain things work, check out this blog; If you do decide to install your own system, get the current set of electrical code books so you know how to install the system in a manner that will pass the code requirements, which is required if you wish to have or keep insurance on the house and contents.

Solar is not the complete answer in many places, in some places wind and solar together provide adequate power- but many municipalities do not permit wind turbines, and in some instances for good reason- some experimenters use the blade materials, like PVC which can break rather easily and be quite lethal. You tube has a number of blade failure vids.

Are Having Solar Panels Worth It?
So We Are Buying A Home That Have Solar Panels Already Installed. We Would Like To Know If It Would Benefit Us To Keep Them Or Not? Will We Save More Money With The Solar Panels.? Would Like Every Ones Opinion On This, Especially People Who Have Or Have Had Solar Panels?

Good question...Try out this site its very resourceful. Hope it helps.

Solar Panels?
Does Anyone Know Why Solar Panels For Heating Cost So Much. They Have No Moving Parts. They Just Get Hot. I Mean The Kind That Are Used For Heating Water And Then Pumped Into The House.

You can make your own. Materials are cheap and readily available. One caution. the sun's heat in a flat panel can raise temperatures high enough to cause deterioration of wood, so significant that if dry and used for a few years, they can set fire to the wood. They need to be mounted on stands that lose heat before contact with wood or asphalt shingles.

Systems of water heating panels have to be protected from freezing or drained. They can be filled with antifreeze, but then we have to be very careful to avoid mixing with domestic water.
Systems have to be designed to deliver heat, and avoid dissipating that heat by circulating when there is no sunlight, or when panel heat is less than that in storage.

We can have a refrigeration line going across the top of banks of flat panel collectors, such that the refrigerator sealed unit removes heat from the panel to deliver it to either a water storage or to inside air. This means we have no freezing problem, no antifreeze to poison us.

But people who have learned how to make reliable flat panel collectors like to make some money. The information is readily available for anyone able to read and understand, with none of that mark up.

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