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From examining your current eletrical usage and costs to assisting with the correct financing plan, you will receive a custom designed solar energy plan which suits you and your family.

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"We found all of the employees with whom we in contact from the sales representative to the installers to be knowledgeable and professional. All our questions were answered satisfactorily which is why we decided panels installed. We were also impressed with the company’s A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.” – Pat S. – Boston

"Our first two bills were approximately $300.00 less than before and our third bill, just received was down about $250.00 from what we were paying! We think it is fantastic!" - William R. - Waltham MA

"They did a wonderful job on my system and I would recommend them to my family and friends!" - Georg S. - Chicopee MA

I cannot express my gratitude for going forward with solar panels. From the initial meeting to discuss the possibility to the techs who eventually installed them. But most of all, it is the savings we have experienced. That first month was unbelievable. Solar plus our other electric source combined was less than our usual monthly expense. During the summer when our electric usage is higher because of the air conditioning, our monthly expense was still less than what we have paid with past summer usage. And if that’s not enough…our present electricity is primarily supplied by the solar panels. We have been building up a reserve with our other electricity source and will be able to draw from that all winter when our panels wont’t generate as much electricity. It’s a win-win situation that we’re just thrilled over. Having a fixed rate locked in is another great feature for savings.” – Virgil T. – Westport MA

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  • Custom tailored solutions
  • Free in home consultations
  • Easy financing options
  • 20 year warranty
  • Transparent contracts
  • Eco-friendly
  • State and federal incentives
  • Roof repair if damaged during installation
  • Customer service is our top priority

About Solar Energy

Solar power is energy from the sun that is transformed into thermal or electrical energy.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable resource source available, and the United States has some of the richest solar resources worldwide. Modern innovation can harness this energy for a variety of usages, consisting of producing electricity, supplying light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, or industrial usage.

Solar Benefits

Solar power makes it possible for home owners to use the sun to power everyday life: running your a/c, cleaning clothes, seeing TELEVISION, cooking supper. All while reducing your carbon footprint, and without burning nonrenewable fuel sources or putting a strain on the electrical grid. And while the ecological benefits of solar power are significant, numerous residents find that the benefit, unique functions, and expense savings of owning a solar power system are a lot more alluring.

Top Ten Advantages of Solar Energy

#1 Drastically lower or even remove your electric expenses

Whether you're a house owner, company, or nonprofit, electrical power costs can comprise a big part of your regular monthly expenditures. With a photovoltaic panel system, you'll create totally free power for your system's entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you do not produce 100 percent of the energy you take in, solar will reduce your energy bills and you'll still save a great deal of cash.

#2 Make a great return on your investment

Photovoltaic panels aren't an expenditure-- they are among the finest methods to invest, with returns measuring up to those of more conventional financial investments like stocks and bonds. Thanks to substantial electrical power bill savings, the typical American house owner pays off their solar panel system in seven to 8 years and sees an ROI of 20 percent or more.

#3 Protect versus increasing energy costs

Among the most clear cut advantages of photovoltaic panels is the capability to hedge utility prices. In the past 10 years, domestic electricity prices have gone up by approximately 3 percent each year. By investing in a solar energy system now, you can fix your electricity rate and safeguard versus unpredictable increases in electricity expenses. If you're an organisation or house owner with fluctuating capital, going solar likewise helps you better forecast and manage your expenditures.

#4 Increase your home or business worth

Several studies have actually found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have greater home worths and sell more rapidly than non-solar homes. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar setups into consideration as they value homes at the time of a sale, and as property buyers become more informed about solar, demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

#5 Boost U.S. energy self-reliance

The sun is a near-infinite source of energy and an essential part of accomplishing energy independence in the United States. By increasing our capacity to generate electrical power from the sun, we can likewise insulate our nation from price variations in international energy markets.

#6 Create jobs and assist your regional economy

According to The Solar Foundation, the solar market included jobs at a rate almost 12 times faster than the total U.S. economy in 2015, representing 1.2 percent of all jobs in the country. This growth is anticipated to continue. Since solar-related jobs have the tendency to be higher paying and can not be outsourced, they are a significant contributor to the U.S. economy.

#7 Secure the environment

Solar is a terrific way to lower your carbon footprint. Structures are accountable for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the United States, and going solar can substantially decrease that number. A typical domestic solar panel system will remove 3 to four lots of carbon emissions each year-- the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.

#8 Show your dedication to sustainability

Sustainability and business social responsibility are important components of a company's culture and worths. They also produce bottom line results. Significantly, customers and neighborhoods are acknowledging and rewarding companies that decide to run responsibly. Businesses are finding that "green" credentials are a powerful chauffeur of customer purchasing choices, developing goodwill and enhancing service outcomes.

#9 Start Conserving from Day 1

Solar purchase power arrangements (PPAs) and solar leasing has actually made it possible for house owners to go solar for little or no money down.

Numerous house owners decide to finance their photovoltaic panels with one of the "pay-as-you-go" funding options. This implies that a third-party company-- the solar supplier-- owns the solar system and looks after installation, maintenance, tracking and repair works. You merely pay the solar provider for electrical energy-- less than you would've paid the utility business.

Since June 2013, 75% of all American homes have access to pay-as-you-go solar.

#10. Solar is a Secure Financial investment

The energy business are notorious for their fluctuating and unreliable electricity rates. There is plainly an upward pattern.

With photovoltaic panels and basic math, we can calculate what does it cost? electricity will be created, and most significantly, at exactly what rate, for a minimum of the next 20 years (repaired energy costs).


What are the various payment options?

We have many flexible purchasing agreements for customers who would like to install a new home solar system. There are three different payment options, making them a viable choice for customers of all budgets. The payment options include Lease, PPA, and Purchase.

The Lease

  • Low, fixed payments each month
  • System insurance for 20 years, including maintenance
  • Flexible end-of-term options, including system upgrade, lease extension, and free panel removal

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • We own the solar panel system
  • $0 down for installation
  • Customers only pay for the solar energy that they use


  • Customer pays for the system upfront and owns the system
  • System monitoring and maintenance for 20 years
  • Receive 30% federal tax credit
  • See a return on investment within 7-10 years

What happens when the contract for my lease is finished?

We provide our customers with a few different options for when their lease contract is up. Customers can upgrade their equipment to the newest solar technology available, extend the agreement, or have the panels removed at no cost.

What is the warranty?

The Lease and PPA include a 20-year warranty during the lifetime of the system. This warranty exceeds that of most other solar installers’ warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was The Most Intelligent Man Ever?
I Know There Are Multiple Intelligences But I Am Talking About The Mathematical/ Logical One. Thanks:)

Nikola Tesla could well be one of the most brightest men of all time. A genius among geniuses, he made Einstein and others after him look like amateur's (there are rumors that Eienstein's wife Mileva Maric who was a brilliant physicist in her own right, significantly contributed to Eienstein's theory of special and general relativity.)

Tesla virtually single-handedly brought civilization into the 20th Century with his discovery of alternating current making it possible to use electricity in the household. Without alternating current we could not turn on a light bulb or watch TV.

He discovered Radio before Marconi and had hundreds of other electrical patents.

He starter building an electrical tower in 1901 (Wardenclyffe Tower) with which he was going to use to pump electricity into the atmosphere so that even if you were in the remotest place on earth you could power-up an electrical item at any time without electrical cables!

"His alternating current induction motor is considered one of the ten greatest discoveries of all time. Among his discoveries are the fluorescent light , laser beam, wireless communications, wireless transmission of electrical energy, remote control, robotics, Tesla’s turbines and vertical take off aircraft. Tesla is the father of the radio and the modern electrical transmissions systems. He registered over 700 patents worldwide. His vision included exploration of solar energy and the power of the sea. He foresaw interplanetary communications and satellites".

The term "Mad Scientist" in popular culture was probably coined after Tesla himself.

Tesla was truely a man from another time.

Other Than Solar Energy, Is There Other Ways To Generate Light Without Batteries Or Electricity?

Solar energy is electricity, unless you are talking about sunlight itself. Solar panels simply convert sunlight to electricity.
Before electricity, all manmade light was made by burning something: wood, candles, coal gas and other gases, whale oil and other kinds of oil. That's still pretty much your only alternative to electricity.

Opportunity Cost/Economics Questions?
1. What Is The Opportunity Cost Of Saving Some Of Your Paycheck? **(Is It Spending The Amount Of Money You Save Or Just The Actual Amount Of Money, I.E $50.?) 2. Who Is More Self-Interested, The Buyer Or The Seller? 3. Farmer Jones Has 100 Acres Of Land. He Can Plant Corn, Which Yields 100 Bushels Per Acre, Or He Can Plant Beans, Which Yields 40 Bushels Per Acre. He Chooses To Plant Corn. What Is Given Up? 4. Why Do You Think Air Bags Have Reduced Deaths From Auto Crashes Less Than We Had Hoped? 5. If We Save More And Use It To Build More Physical Capital, Productivity Will Rise And We Will Have Rising Standards Of Living In The Future. What Is The Opportunity Cost Of Future Growth? 6. If The Gov'T Printed Twice As Much Money, What Do You Think Would Happen To Prices And Output If The Economy Were Already Producing At Maximum Capacity? 7. (Sorry, Last One!) Water Is Necessary For Life. Diamonds Are Not. Is The Marginal Benefit Of An Additional Glass Of Water Greater Or Lesser Than An Additional One-Carat Diamond? Why? Thanks Sooo Much Guys!!! Answer Whatever You Know!

1. The Opportunity Cost of saving some of your paycheck are the Goods and Services that can be bought with that % of your paycheck, as well as the possible economic impact saving your money has (Multiplier Cycle of Income; If I decide to save $50 every week by not going to the bookstore like I would usually do [as an example; not based on truth] then the bookstore will see a fall in profit and may lay someone off. If that employee is laid off, they won't be spending the their $4 every morning at the coffee shop, thus the shop may see a fall in profit every week and lay someone off. The cycle continues.)

2. Self-Interested? I would possibly say the producer?

3. The 40 buschels of beans.

4. Because air bags can smash noses back into your brain, killing people. They can also suffocate people, and the pressure can do other damage to the body.

5. The Opportunity Cost of future growth is basically the growth of today's economy. Its all fair to say we should invest millions into alternative energy sources, and then completely revamp our society with the energy for cleaner production, but how would it impact on society and the economy, particularly with the skills people currently have? The impacts of completely changing from coal and oil to say solar, would be astronomical. So many variables that could occur. However, the potential that alternative energy resources offer is massive, and cannot be ignored.

Saving money always has an opportunity cost. Basically the cost of today's growth, or this week's growth. It all depends on the amount of cash. If you had spent millions in injecting money into the economy, and decide to save it and invest it into capital and other routes available to increase future productivity and standards of living, the current state of the economy will react to that change. The change might possibly be a recession.

6. There would be a surplus of cash, and as such the prices of Goods and Services would skyrocket with the expansion of cash in the flow of income. In regards to Output, I would possibly say that Output might not change. I can't really say. It might to begin with as people have more disposable income, but when prices rise because of that there would be a surplus of goods and services and thus an equilibrium must be sustained at a lower amount of output.

7. Just because a Need, doesn't necessarily mean it'll have a higher price. Greed, and the compulsive need for wants, can be vastly underestimated. On top of diamonds being needed for drills, they make beautiful jewelry that people of all classes, particularly upper-classmen, buy. Demand for such, with a low Quantity in the market, is high. Diamonds, depending on the level of compulsive need for the want, can be highly Inelastic in Demand whereas water, which is also highly Inelastic in Demand, has not only restrictions and regulations from the Govt because of the necessity for water, but can be found in vast quantities around the planet, more so than diamonds.

Why Are &Quot;Molten Salts&Quot; A Good Solar Energy Storage Media?
I Want To Use Molten Salts To Transfer Solar Heat From A Parabolic Dish To A Storage Tank, Then To A Stirling Engine Driving An Electric Generator. Please Provide Details On How To Transfer The Salt/Heat In This Scenario. Thanks.

<edit> Here's another link searching for high temperature industrial/chemical pumping applications. Unfortunately, I think for what you're looking at, you're into stainless steel piping (molten salts will be corrosive) and other expensive equipment.

How Many Different Things Do We Use Solar Power In?
There'S.. Solar Cars.. Solar Heating For Pools, Solar Panels... What Else?

Solar thermal energy using glycol to heat water.
Integrating solar photovoltaic energy into your home or business power.

Large independent photovoltaic systems.
photovoltaic cells for producing electricity (very expensive to

set up but maintenance free)

solar water heaters very popular in several countries to produce hot water

solar cookers for cooking food

in farming to run isolated pumps for irigation,and normal power use of residences of isolated farmers

solar cells on the street lamposts

Prototype cars

houses (CA. has enacted a big solar power push)




* Small electronic devices like calculators.
* Many highway signs and other mechanical devices which are left outdoors in sunny areas are now equipped with solar panels--look as you're driving along a highway.
* Homes & buildings. Even without solar panels, most buildings use solar energy for some heat. Whenever we open the shades on a cold and sunny day, we are using solar energy to heat the room.
* Plants. Almost all plant life on earth uses solar power, and thus, almost all life on earth is fueled, indirectly, through solar power.
* Power generation...both for private homes, commercial bulidings, and actual power plants. There are a few solar power generation plants, although they're not common. Even some BP gas stations are now equipped with photovoltaic cells on the roof covering the gas pumps!

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